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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My first attempt to update my iPhone to iOS5 : semi-disaster

My first attempt to update my iPhone to iOS5 : semi-disaster

1. The update process crashed repeatedly.

2. I had to restore the phone to factory conditions and reinstall everything

3. The whole process took over 5 (yes, FIVE) hours... and those 5 hours do NOT count all the time I will have to spend FIXING the stuff that got BROKEN and messed up by the " update". Read on...

4. Icon arrangement came
out all messed up. I have to spend time now rearranging all
the App icons in the screens and folders I had them

5. I LOST ALL the eBooks (100+ !!!) I had in the Stanza eBook reader app. Gone. I probably have them on my Windows 7 PC (which has NOT crashed even once in almost 2 years, it looks like MS *finally* learned how to write an OS...).

6. The Stanza bookreader app doesn't work with iOS5. I'll have to switch to Kindle or Nook because iBooks sucks. That means that once I search and locate my eBooks in the PC, I will have to CONVERT ALL of them from .ePub to .mobi so I can access them on Kindle. Drat... MORE time wasted...

7. I lost ALL my Safari bookmarks. ALL. GONE. Re-doing all this is going to take A LOT of time that I don't have.

8. I lost ALL my photos and videos. This one is MAJOR. Thankfully I back them up manually to an external drive and didn't lose them completely. But if I hadn't ...

9. I lost ALL the alarms I had set. Minor but annoying.

10. I lost ALL the world clocks I had set up. Minor but annoying.

11. I lost ALL my "Favorites" in the phonebook. Minor but annoying.

12. My voicemail lost its configuration, now I have to remember the damn password or call AT&T.

13. All the entries in my Calendar are now duplicated. That's more time I will have to spend fixing that.

14. the Weather app lost all the pre-set cities. Minor annoyance, more time wasted.

15. some apps, such as Weather Channel, got deleted. GONE. Now I will have to reinstall them. More time wasted.

16. I lost ALL the text messages I have sent or received over MANY years. Apparently there is NO WAY to recover that. Gee, thanks, Apple...

17. eMail accounts configuration was lost. Minor annoyance, more time wasted.

18. My phone's memory shows 4.3 Gb in "other". It looks like I will have to wipe out the phone AGAIN and reinstall everything.


Raul Soto said...

UPDATE: Fixed the issue where Calendar entries appeared twice by removing the Calendar from iCloud.

UPDATE: using iTunes, I rearranged all 90+ apps into their appropriate screens, where I had them before. Then I synced the iPhone with iTunes. IT DID *NOT* WORK. The iPhone is NOT getting the updated app arrangement from iTunes.

Raul Soto said...

UPDATE: After various iPhone reboots, it's now (finally) letting me reposition all my apps in their appropriate screens.

Raul Soto said...

UPDATE: last night I tried it again, a full restore of the phone to factory conditions and then installing the image from iTunes...

It DID NOT fix any of the problems I previously had... and now I lost ALL my music as well.

So I guess the next step is forget about the iTunes image, restore to factory conditions, and then install everything anew.

This is worse than installing Windows 95 !!!

Raul Soto said...

the Upgrade from Hell Saga continues...

After 2 days of attempting various fixes, my iPhone is still having problems with iOS 5. The worst problem was that more and more of its memory was being taken over by "Other"... first it was 4.3Gb... then 4.5Gb... then 4.9Gb...

I've restored the phone back to factory conditions TWICE, but the problem persists.

So just to see if the problem was with a corrupted iTunes image, I backed it up to iCloud. And just to be sure, I asked it to back up to iCloud AGAIN. Then wiped it out completely, and then attempted to restore from the iCloud image.


Tried like 5 times... and it could NOT even FIND the damned iCloud image.

So, now I'm back to restoring from iTunes.

CrApple *really* outdid itself this time...

Raul Soto said...

FINALLY... I wiped out the phone AGAIN... restored from a 1-yr-old iTunes image in my other computer... and the memory space taken up by "Other" is back to 500Mb as usual.

I didn't lose my contacts (lucky!)... but I lost all my ringtones. I got back my photos and IM messages up to Nov 2010... weird...

Oh, and I had to reinstall about 90+ apps... once that's done I'll have to reorganize them. Again.

Raul Soto said...

Next steps:

1. get back all my eBooks, music, ringtones, etc. from my external HD...

1.1 convert my eBooks from .ePub (Stanza) to .mobi (Kindle)... :-(

2. configure iCloud AGAIN. The backup it had supposedly done DIDN'T work.

3. since I can't trust iCloud, keep *updated* iTunes images in both my desktop and laptop, just in case

Raul Soto said...


As soon as my contract expired, I changed my iPhone for an Android phone, a Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. It's AMAZING. I certainly doubt very much I will ever buy another Apple phone / product.

The old iPhone's battery now dies after a few minutes of use. I'm using it as an iPod, plugged to a radio where it gets power.

Raul Soto said...

2 Years Later:

My Samsung Galaxy S2 was awesome. NEVER gave me any trouble. And the Android OS has tons of features that Apple simply lacks.

After 2 years of service, I got a pretty good trade-in deal, and exchanged it for a Samsung Galaxy s4. It's an awesome phone.

My daughter, who had an iPhone4, got completely fed up w/Apple too, and traded hers in for an Android phone too.